This page lists individual Travel stories of residents

And also, stories of people who are friends of residents

This page lists individual Travel stories of residents or their friends

Annual adventure - By Judy and Don Read More

Caravan touring, Part2 - By Carol Merrick Read More

Visiting Japan Part2 - By Alex Evans
Read More

On a trip to Hobart - By Valerie Hall Read More

Ethiopia, Part 2 - Shirley & Ian Walker Read More

Caravan touring - By Carol Merrick Read More

Visiting beautiful Japan - By Alex Evans Read More

Have you been to Samoa? - By Jim Greed Read More

Hong-Kong, Lantau Island - By Alex Evans Read More

Ethiopia, Part 1 - Shirley & Ian Walker Read More

Vietnam... Just another world - By Alex Evans Read More

Visiting Uluru, a must see - By Muriel McIntyre Read More

A Cherry Blosom trip - By Patricia Magee Read More

Borneo stop, on the way to Japan - By Alex Evans Read More

Bhutan, Part-2 by Shirley & Ian Walker Read More

Cruising From Sydney, to Darwin - By Alex Evans Read More

Singing in China - By Heleen Van Der Haar Read More

Goldy & Alex go on Cruise From Sydney Read More

Ian Holland -> Rock n Rods Festival Read More

Shirley & Ian Walker go to Bhutan, Part-1 Read More

Valerie Hall takes us on a flight to Antartica Read More

Goldy goes for lunch at Heronswood Read More

Carol and Petter Merrick venturing Vic, part 2 Read More

Margaret & Jim Greed go on a nice Dinghy... Read More

Carol and Petter Merrick venturing Victoria Read More

Lainie & Bob Crawford on a Tassie tour Read More

12000K By Caravan - p.2 Read More

Dream Lover weekend with Goldy and Alex Read More

12000K By Caravan - p.1 Read More

Wil & Ian on final leg Europ tour Read More

G&A Foster- Archaeology tour Read More

Chris and Jo give us some travel tips Read More

Helen Morden on her Safari adventure Read More

Wil and Ian Holland - Europe, Part 3 Read More

Aileen & John Smith go to Harvey Bay Read More

RACV Inverloch with Alex & Goldy Evans Read More

Dot & Brian Robertson - the Noosa adventure Read More

NY and Baltic cruise with Helen Morden Read More

Wil and Ian Holland - Europe trip, part 2 Read More

UK & Europe in 10 weeks with Carol & Peter Read More

Let's go to Bendigo, with Muriel and Duncan Read More

12 days in Hawaii with Judith & Harry Read More

Dawn & Rob Harkness escaped the Victorian cheel... Read More

Ian and Wil Holland take us to travel through Europe Read More

Lois & Fred Blaich on a trip, the highlight St. Petersburg Read More

Rickie Hoogenboom went on a Northern adventure Read More

Laurel and Lindsey Mott adriatic adventure Read More

Tricia Magee takes us on an emotional voyage to Italy Read More

Wilhelmina and Ian Holland take us away to visit Alska ... Read More

Brian Turner takes us around the Pacific Islands... Read More

Jan and Brian Pugsley take us on a tour into Vietnam Read More

Judy & Don Urwin share with us an "Excitement" of a lifetime Read More

Valerie Hall from Glen Iris is visiting places most of us have not been to... Read More

Wil and Ian Holland are taking us through their Canadian adventure Read More

We travelled for a wonderful weekend in town... Melbourne town. Read More

Jerry and Sandy Worboys, seasoned travellers take us around the Islands. Read More

Ian and Shirley Walker celebrate their 50th Anniversary in Hawaii Read More

Judith and Harry Hawkins travel to Tasmania on a guided tour Read More

A bunch of residents were driven one day by Brian Pugsley to see water... Read More

Dawn & Rob share with us their latest NZ adventure, ending with a surprise... Read More

Dot and Brian - Lakes Entrance, once again, it is all here at our doorsteps Read More

Camera club members and associated parties took a short trip to see magic Read More

Brian and Jan Pugsley escape the chill to far away places. Read More

Stuart and Eileen show us another way... Just get in the car and go Read More

We hear stories about the Emirates... But not about Sharjah Read More

RACV Inverloch, tranquility. Muriel and Duncan are sharing with us Read More

QLD here we come... Eileen and Stuart Beever ventured into the Northern Pardise.
Read More

Travelling to the old CAR Trydel Museum on the first day of Autumn 2017. Read More

Goldy and Alex travel to meet our Cuban friends in La-Habana Read More

J&B Pugsley together with M&J Greed share with us a South Pacific dream journey Read More

Brian tells us about an interesting trip - to his own backyard... Read More

This is again, Alex and Goldy around the world in 34 days - Part 2 Read More

This is Goldy and Alex travelling around the world in 34 days - Part 1 Read More

The Robertson's mouth watering cruise from the UK to Singapore Read More

Dot and Brian Robertson tell us about their recent UK incidents Read More

Travelling with primary school overseas friends, just around our green state - Victoria Read More

Muriel and Duncan travel once again to the land of their forefathers Read More

Chris and Jo Chaney tell us a mouth watering story.. UK Read More

Jane and Geoff Young travelled once again to Hawaii Read More

Shirley and Ian Walker travel to the North Pole.... Well, almost Read More

Sandra Shields shares with us memories of a trip to Keukenhof Gardens in 2006
Read More

Brian Turner takes us to Singapore... Darwin... and a Ghan trip to Adelaide Read More

Gwen and John Bates didn't like the winter frost, they travelled north...
Read More

The Seven Seas Odyssey, told by our Toorak friends - Shirley and Ian Walker
Read More

Ronnie and Fred Gatte, tell us about some Lingering memories of cities visited... Read More

Harry and Judith Hawkins had Japan on their Bucket list... They are not sorry Read More

Betty Dorward comes back with another tale of some years back... Cherished Memories Read More

Tricia Hird shares with us and old trip story... going back to 1992
Read More

Heather and Carl Bray decided to go fishing.... In style of course, and that while we were here, in the hot days...
Read More

Brian and Dot, not only are champions of Table Tennis, but more so know how to travel...
Read More

Kath and Don Brown of Ferntree Gully, friends of Goldy and Alex (221) are sharing a story Read More

Jan & Brian Pugsley tell us about one of the more interesting projects in QLD Read More

Judy and Leon tell us about the recent RACV fly the Flag tour 2016
Read More

52 years and going strong, we must admire it... Thanks Glen and John for sharing. Read More

Jan & Brian Pugsley are once again living on the go and sharing another adventure... Read More

Easter Sunday Jacquie and  Bob Hayter visited Lotus Water Gardens in Yarra Junction. Read More

Barbara Nash is telling us all about her background and her love to all things - Boats & Fish
Read More

Brian Turner is sharing with us yet another wonderful and relaxing voyage... Read More

Wilhelmina & Ian Holland are sharing a wonderful European trip story with a lovely ending Read More

Goldy and Alex hired a car in Cairns and drove back through the outback to Brisbane Read More

Katathani Resort- Kata Noi Beach -Phuket Thailand from Dee & Max
Read More

Eileen & Stuart Beever travelled to the Red Hot Center, telling their story... Read More

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